The mission of the 437 River Street Theatre is to educate, enlighten, stimulate, expand awareness and grow in compassion with our audiences by creating through our productions a rare theatrical experience that will last them a life time.





There is a kind of acting and theatre that is rare. The number of times one experiences this kind of theatre can be counted on one or two of his hands. The famous American Group Theatre had it back in the thirties. As one of its great leaders, Harold Clurman, said "The miracle of experiencing an actor on stage acting with real emotion." Stanislavski's the Moscow Art Theatre had it. The beginning of the Lincoln Center Repertory Company in the early sixties had it. The Actors Studio Repertory Company had it. The point is, this kind of theatre can be done.


It is having a common goal and understanding of this kind of theatre with artists who have the talent to do it, that is also part of the mission of the 437 River Street Theatre. A theatre that is not only effective technically but is affecting to its audience. This leaves as Stanislavski said, "a lasting imprint," and more times than not THAT is taken to the grave. There are many good actors who give very effective performances and I am the first to applaud them. But the kind of acting I am talking about is an affective performance which comes from the inside out. It involves real feelings and there are many good actors who work this way. For instance, I have seen many productions of The Seagull, and was never moved by any of the performances. I saw Jon Voight do a reading of the play, playing the part of Trepleff, and when he told Nina how much he missed her and how much he loves her, it came from a broken heart and he broke my heart. And that, I will take to my grave.


As you may or may not know, my life has been devoted to teaching, performing, and directing the kind of acting that permeates our being and touches our soul. This type of acting has the distinct affect of helping us and the audience understand that strange, mysterious, elusive and complicated thing known as the Human Being. The present neighborhood that the theatre is in, is a blue collar neighborhood. In this type of location most of its residents have never been in a theatre. Consequently we plan one night a week for all productions to be a "pay what you can" night.


There are many very good people involved with the mission of the 437 River Street Theatre Company. And with all of our help, will bring to our audience something they don't even know they have been missing. Now to put all of the aesthetics into our productions so our patrons are left with "a lasting imprint."


437 River Street

Theatre Company