Mooney's Kid Don't Cry

by Tennesse Williams


Moony is a star-gazer. Once a wood-cutter in the northern woods of Canada, Moony has settled down in a large industrial American city with his wife, Jane, and their child. Yet he still yearns for something more than the life he leads "down here in the mud." Restless and unable to sleep, Moony tries to engage Jane in his fond memories of their past and his fantasies for running away from the city for good. When Jane – exhausted from the immediate realities of impoverished motherhood – cannot share her husband's yearning, Moony must choose between fleeing by himself for the wild unknown or finding a different kind of hope in the responsibilities of his existing family life.



Starring César Gamiño and Jenni Melear



Opens May 28, 2015

Runs May 29-June 28

Performances Fri & Sat 8pm

Sundays 2pm & 7pm


437 River Street

Theatre Company